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Koester Red Angus genetics have been used all over the country with the same results THEY WORK! A fall bull from Koester Red Angus has the age advantage to hold his flesh better than a yearling, while siring just as many calves over his lifetime. We focus our genetics to produce calves that will generate maximum return whether you sell at weaning, background or hang them on the rail. We also give our customers confidence in structurally correct, maternal and efficient replacement females.

Give us a call or stop by for a visit to discuss how our genetics can go to work for your program!

Next Sale Date:
Friday, March 11, 2016
At Leland Red Angus near Sidney, MT
Sale Week Phone: 701-565-2347

View 2016 Online Catalog
(Koester Fall-Born Bulls Start on Page 24)

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View Online Videos of Koester and Leland Lots
(Koester Bulls are Lots 23-42 and Lots 103-122)

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Pre-Sale Update Brochure

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2016 Sale Information:

View Photos of Sale Bulls

Visit our Sales page to view photos of the sale bulls and check back often as we will be adding more throughout the next few weeks. The catalog will be posted online and mailed in mid-February.

Confidence in the program, the cattle and the genetics.
Confidence you can take to the bank!

Registered Red Angus Cows grazing on fertile North Dakota pasture. We are members of the Red Angus Association of America. Annual Red Angus Bull Sale.

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